Friday, April 27, 2007

Gramma comes for a visit

What a nice little break! Kathryn was in dirt heaven! I helped Gramma make a rag throw while she and Kate cleaned out my flower bed and helped with the housework. I even got a night off of cooking! I'll trade sewing for housework any day :). When Kate got up from her nap, Gramma was gone. She was so sad. She looked everywhere, then held out her arms and said, "Where's Damma?"

Olivia LOVES to play with the phone. Any phone at all. She does particularly love this Pooh one from Nana and PawPaw, though.
Kathryn poses while helping mom make "tooties"
Kathryn and Mommy

Kathryn looking very stylish in mommy's "dasses"


McIntosh Twins said...

Micah those are such sweet pics! I cannot get over how much Kathryn reminds me of Jenna! There is a picture on our blog of Jenna's hands if you haven't checked it lately........Olivia is soooo cute as well!

Love Meredith

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that "Damma" came to help with all of your yard work. With a yard that size, I'm surprised you haven't hired a lawn service! ;)
I love the picture of O smiling! So precious! You guys do make some cute babies! Love you much.

ash said...

you guys.........
are so. so. cute.
i seriously cant get ooover it lol
every picture is cuter than the other..