Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kathryn's Toy Box

Many, many thanks to Adam and Rosie, who found us this treasure at a garage sale on Saturday... Kathryn's new toy box. Unfortunately for her (and fortunately for us) she cannot yet reach inside, but she does love to get inside and play. How much fun would it be to be 11 months old again?


Kevin & Amy said...

Really cute pictures. I can't wait for Kathryn and Meredith to meet. It will be fun. :)

And, BTW, congrats on the news of a second little girl! They will be so cute growing up together.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that toy box has the safety hinges that keep it from slamming down. If it does not let me know and I'll help you fix it. sg

ash said...

AHH..i like it :()

Anonymous said...

I see sg made the comment I was going to make! I have my old toy box (similar to this one Adam found), and need to go get the hinge things for ours.