Friday, May 26, 2006

Kathryn's Little Steps

A very, very short (and sideways) video of Kathryn walking, for her Nana, who has yet to see it! (Since it is video from our digital camera and not a camcorder, I can't change the direction of it. So sorry! It's not long enough to give you a neck ache, though :o).

Kathryn's Little Steps


ash said...

MICAH!..she is SO CUTE. like for real.
man..i cant believe she's actually walking!!! that was so cute..especially her scrunched up nose!! lol!..

girll..what else i thought doesnt even have to be at can be during the day..or in the early morning..or any time ..because..HA! IM OUT OF SCHOOL!..

have a great week :)

love ash

Creth said...

thanks! I'm sooo excited... I love it already though I haven't got a name yet (I loved Gregor but I don't believe that's fitting for the Rover...)

Anonymous said...

Go Kathryn!! And just think, soon, she'll be teaching #2 to follow!
She looks precious, Micah :) :)

Lord willing, we'll see the Lewises Tuesday. (YIKES!! I don't know if I want Aunt S to see my house like this... better go into hyper cleaning mode!!)


Jen said...

ahhh yes...I have a cousin on my Mom's side that fits the bill of "red neck/white trash" to the "T" :) I'm never sure who reads my blogs, so I always try to um be careful in what I say. Which made me think I should have limited the viewership so I then say whatever the heck I want. :) I'm too nice...

Almost done with moving...I really, really, really HATE moving.

Jobs-had a few leads, but now that am almost done with moving, I hope to have more time to focus on that.