Monday, December 07, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

We finally put up our Christmas tree and got down a few of our decorations after Kate's constant nagging. I pulled out last year's stack of Christmas cards and the girls went through them one by one, especially stopping to look at the Sleeping Beauty card from Shelby, and all the photos. They have their own little tree in their room that they have decorated, redecorated, and drug around from one room to the other. This is what Christmas is all about.

Livie found this Santa hat and fell in love with it. "Mom, I just love this hat like Santa. Can I please sleep in it tonight?"

We had our first snow last night! Kate could not think of anything else except getting her coat on and going outside. When she had asked me one too many times, I said, "Kate, it's not time yet. When it is, I will tell you. Don't ask again." So she found herself a little chair and set it up in front of the window so she could "watch it" :). I finally scrounged around and found some warm things, and like any good mother, I am watching them play from the warmth of my office window :).
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Anonymous said...

Liv in that Santa hat is adorable. She should get to wear that wherever she's adorable. And people might give her things because she's so cute. That never hurts. Free candy, maybe.

So glad you're finally pretending to have some Christmas cheer!

Jeremy said...

So glad that the girls liked Shelby's card. Maybe I can get her to write another one! Can't wait to see you guys! Much love!