Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kathryn's Birthday

Was almost 2 months ago, yes, but I couldn't resist posting these photos of some really fun times spent with some really great friends.

Uncle Adam reminding us that yes indeed, Kate is turning 4. But let's not forget, "I'll be 5 on my next birthday. Mom, is it time for my next birthday yet? Because I already know what I want."

The rainbow cake was If you've ever thought about doing one before, just do it! It was easier and cuter than I ever dreamed it would be. And what a surprise to cut into!

How sad that I did not get one photo of Gramma and Grampa - our gracious hosts for the week. We always have the best time ever, and can't wait to be back!
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Alaina said...

That cake is so cute! Did you use white cake and food coloring?

Jen said...

So cute and I love the cake!

Amy K said...

Is that made with jello? My mom used to make them but not with all the colors, usually just two colors. Love it!!

And I'm so glad you and Brad got a weekend away. Sounds like a really awesome time.

Amy K said...

I looked up this post again because I was thinking about doing one for Clara in a few days and remembered how cute yours was!

Here goes ... :)