Monday, August 25, 2008

"I touch the stove. It was HOT!"

Never leave an almost 2 year old to stir the green beans... I turned my back for two seconds, with very clear instructions not to touch the stove. Well, you can guess what happened next, and it just happened to be one of the fingers that she sucks - ALL the time. So after a quick phone call to Brad we decided now was as good a time as any to take them away from her for good. I bandaged the blistered finger and 2 hours later (when she finally stopped screaming) I thought she was asleep. Never assume quietness=sleep.

This was day 1, operation no finger sucking:

And this was day 2:
Maggie turned 4 months old on Saturday. When we found out we were expecting her, we wondered how in the world we would manage with three babies. The Lord gave us strength, and now we wonder how in the world we could survive without her. She has brought nothing but sheer joy to our family. We love that little girl more than words could ever say.

Last Thursday Mom missed the last step down into the basement and fell, planting hard on her right foot, breaking her ankle in two different spots. Her surgery (which is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday) will require plates and pins, and about 6 weeks of bed rest/lying around. Please keep her in your prayers. As "minor" as this may seem in the grand scheme of things, it has certainly shaken our lives up a little bit. You can specifically pray that the swelling would go down enough that the doctor can actually perform the surgery on Wednesday (if it hasn't, he'll have to wait until Monday). Until the surgery is done, and the healing process has begun, her pain will not lessen at all.

Also last Thursday, my favorite husband turned 29. It wasn't the best day ever, considering the circumstances, but we did manage to eat some cake =). That's the most important part of a birthday, right?
He's a pretty special guy. I guess we'll keep him around for another year ;)


Megan said...

So, is Olivia subsituting her fingers with makeup?:)
I'm so sorry about your mom. I will pray for her.

Katie said...

I laughed out loud at Kate's third picture. Hilarious. Hope everyone in the family is recovering well!

Katie said...

Um...yeah...definitely meant Olivia. I can't keep those cute names straight! :)

Carrie Willis said...

Hi Micah. Jamie wanted me to have a blog on here again and since I couldn't seem to log in to my first account, I created another one. So it's ctimesthreefamily@blogspot. :)