Friday, December 07, 2007

Fun at the Children's Museum

On Thursday we crashed the Dehut's "Grandparent's Day" and went with them to the Children's Museum. I've been wanting to take Kate ever since I heard about the "Yule Slide", and when I heard her friends from church, Cianan and Cooper, were going, I thought it was the perfect time to invite myself to go along :).

The kids all had so much fun! Of course, the slide and the merry-go-round were the favorites, but there were lots of other fun things to do too. We actually had a more-adults-than-kids ratio, which was super nice! Each child had an adult to look after them, plus an extra adult to pull the wagon :).

They were all so worn out by time to go. Olivia was asleep before I even got out of the parking garage, and Kate fell asleep with a cracker in her hand. Many thanks to Jeremy and Anna and their sweet boys for such a fun day!

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karliemichelle said...

Why are there no pictures of you going down the slide???!!! Miss you sooooo much!!!!