Friday, November 30, 2007

Sew I've been a little busy...

Preparing for a craft fair of all things. Yes, that thing I said I'd never do again. A girl from church asked me if I'd like to put a few things out at her booth at a band booster craft fair this weekend. I crammed this week and made as much as I could. Mom watched the girls for me yesterday afternoon so I could finish up, and here we go! It's only 3 hours long, so if I have no customers at least I don't have to be depressed for too long over it :).

Olivia is trying to cut her molars, so she hasn't had a nap the past 2 days, which is really no fun for Mommy. She hasn't been too cranky, just really LOUD and demanding - nothing abnormal, really :). Today I changed her diaper and noticed something round and shiny. Yes, no joke, my earring. I panicked and tried to think of anything else that would be lying around our house that has come up missing??? Who knows what else she's swallowed without me even getting the chance to worry about it?!? Thankfully, it's out and all is well (although I'm not sure where the other one is, come to think of it...) Brad wants to know if I'll be wearing these earrings still. I think it's a great excuse for him to buy me a new pair :).

Olivia's favorite-word-of-the-day today is "ouch". Every time she says it she and Kathryn both start laughing hysterically, so of course she keeps saying it over, and over... and over.

Monday is our big day! We'll find out if we're having a BOY or a GIRL. Of course I'm hoping for a girl and Brad is holding out for a boy. Yikes! I'll check back in then!
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McIntosh Twins said...

I am sure you will sell a ton. It is all so cute! I have had to do a lot of things, but digging earings out of the poop has not been one of them! That is so funny. I am glad she is OK. THe girls have both been sick this week, so I feel your pain as far as no naps. I really depend on those naps to get lots of stuff done. Well gotta go. Hope it goes well today!

Alaina said...

I'm hoping for a boy! :)