Thursday, August 09, 2007

Trip to "Sheby's house"

A couple of weekends ago, we packed up to go visit our good friends Jeremy & Jessica, and Kathryn's buddy Shelby. The night before, I made the big mistake of telling Kathryn that when she "woke up in the morning" we would go to Shelby's house. Surprise, surprise, she was up at 6:00. I heard her over the monitor: "Mooooommm! It's time to do to Sheby's house!!!!! Moooooommmmyyyyy, are you????"

It was such a fun day. The girls played so hard, then took good naps, then slept the whole way home :) If Shelby had only had a few more toys, maybe the kids would have had something to do while we were there ;)

Drawing on Shelby's art easel. Notice how well they're sharing :)

Of course, riding in the baby doll stroller is always the favorite...

Kathryn on the "roller coaster"

The guys got to play a few holes of golf while we girls sat around and talked. It was such a relaxing day. Many thanks to Jeremy and Jessica for having us, and especially to Jess for cooking all the meals :).
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