Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm a month behind (by: Kate)

Here's what we've been up to in the month of May: (in a very small nutshell)1. A trip to Aunt Hannah and Uncle Brad's house. Here I am with my cousin Taylor. She and her sister Ella and brother Jack (and her Mommy, Aunt Heidi) brought Nana down for the day to celebrate Mother's Day.

Here I am with my cousin Corbin. Isn't he funny? I had so much fun with him.

This is Truman and Corbin's new room. I loved how they had bunk beds where I could climb up and down, up and down, up and down the stairs.

2. We left Cozy, Truman, and Corbin's house to go see their Granny. Here is Cozy feeding the fish.

Oyia couldn't get enough of this dog. Boy, I sure could! I had had enough before we even got there! I was scared to death. Surely you agree with me... I mean, come on! Doesn't she look vicious? Mom thought I was being dramatic. Me?!

The landscaping that Granny had around her house was so pretty. I loved smelling the flowers.

Here I am with Corbin, Truman, and Cozy right after we fed all the fish.

3. When we got back home, it was Uncle Adam's birthday. He turned 27! Isn't that old? We went out to eat at Jim 'n Nick's BBQ to celebrate. Yum! They have my favorite ribs!

Claire really got into the celebration. I think she was just thinking how much fun it would be when her birthday rolled around (in a couple days :-)

4. One day, Mom came in to get me in the morning, and she said we needed to hurry and get ready because we were going to play at Shelby's house with Claire and Aunt Rosie! That was all I needed to know to get super excited. After what seemed like forever, we made it. Here I am with Jessica (Shelby's Mommy), Oyia, Shelby, & Claire.

Shelby had SO MANY fun toys to play with. It was better than Christmas! My favorite was her new play set. She had just gotten it for her 2nd birthday.

Here is Oyia on the baby swing. I really liked to swing in it too!

Claire learned this new trick. I thought it was really funny, but I'm not sure her Mommy did...

I thought this was such a sweet picture of Shelby playing with Oyia while I was taking my nap. I'm glad to know she wasn't too lonely while I was sleeping.

Here is the whole gang. Don't you wish you could have been there?

5. Our last trip of the month was to Nana & PawPaw's house. Here I am with a few of my cousins while PawPaw pulled us with the lawn mower.

This is special time with Nana having a tea party. More sugar cubes, please!

Ella turned 3 while we were there, so we had a little party for her. CAKE!!!

Here I am saying goodbye to Nana & PawPaw after a very fun Memorial Day weekend.

Well, I told you we had been busy. Now do you see why it has taken me so long to update?


Anonymous said...

I now see why it has taken you so long to update. Wow! sg

Anonymous said...

That picture of Pawpaw pulling all those girls is PRICELESS! I loved how Kate was telling the story. What's the matter with Oiya, can't she talk yet?

We really need to go with you guys to that stream with the fish...I've got two kids that would LOVE to play in it =)

Kevin & Amy said...

Aw, fun pics. Looks like you guys had a great time!

ash said...

tractor ride=priceless.

i know that feeling..

McIntosh Twins said...

You all have been very busy. I bet you are worn out! Hey when is Hannah due?


Anonymous said...

Hi O ! Cute pics of you and Kate!
Your "friend", Samuel