Monday, December 04, 2006

Lesson Learned.

One month, one plumbing leak (thank you), one crashed hard drive (thank you), and a few Thanksgiving pounds later, here is my very long overdue post. Unfortunately, we have not loaded the software for our camera yet, so I have no pictures to post. Let me assure you, though; much fun was had by all. I have never seen Kathryn enjoy herself as much as she did with all of her cousins. I hardly saw her the whole time we were home! Brad and I had a great time too, getting to catch up with family and old friends.

Since our hard drive was not backed up, we have really had a time getting back into the swing of things. (Yes, we both worked for Iron Mountain, "the leader in records and information management", and should have known better. Please, save the speech...) Unfortunately, we had all of our addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses stored on the computer. If you have our email address, could you please send us your information? If you emailed us around Thanksgiving time or a little before, there is a good chance we either didn't get the email, or didn't have a chance to respond before all was lost... Please be patient with us as we try to catch up!

Finally, as far as the Colts game Sunday, I sure hope you Titans fans aren't getting a big head over this. Let's be honest... you know we let you win ;o).


Anonymous said...

I just can't believe your computer crashed. Didn't both of you guys work for some place that stored data?
Sure is a shame the Colts lost to the TITANS!
It is amazing how one's children disapear around cousins. Mine can be gone for days.

Anonymous said...

If by let, you mean, you allowed us to run crazy on your defense, then yes, you let us beat you.... is the one and only Josiah Peeler.
Have you looked at a Mac lately

Josh said...

Micah - thanks for the post. You always brighten my day in a sort of negative and abrasive sort of way.
Just kidding :) You are know on my friends list and I will post my goals in a few days.
Sorry about the bad stuff happening around the house. Hope things can settle down in time for some more food and fun.

Jen said...

Micah I totally thought of you on Sunday and almost called to see how you were talking the loss. It's like when we lost here in Dallas. I am STILL get trash talk. :) I was bummed they lost....come the Titans???

So sad...all I have to say it that we better win the Super Bowl so that will shut up big mouths

Anonymous said...

Hi Micah,
I just bought a plane ticket to Indiana for Dec. 28-Jan. 31. Are you going to be visiting your parents during any of that time?

Anonymous said...

I'm a dork, that previous message is from erika

ash said...

give those titans credit..
that was an amazing kick. lol..luckey..but beeutiful. :]
are you coming tonight? ♥♥

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm cheering for the colts, I may live in Florida but I have no Allegiance to any of the teams here.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing it is to find you on here! Your little girls are absolutely adorable. I think your oldest looks like Cozette, do you!?

I have been needing to call you for something silly. Vicki just gave me your number so I probably will this weekend. I hope you are doing so well. With such sweetness, I can't believe you would be anything but happy! Please post a family picture, too.
We are trying to get Hannah to come to lectures and I wish you would too. Just make a road trip, no biggie, right!? I could contribute to your gas money!:)


Love, Kimberly P.
How is Brad!!??
Please post as many pictures as you can of the girls. I love babies so much. I am so ready to have another now I will just live through others experiencing the whole process again. :)

entheos said...

the hard drive on my laptop began to fail this week! I don't know how much I will be able to save until i get a new computer after christmas. I had backed up my sermons about 4 months ago, but music, pictures, etc.. is all still on there!

I guess we will be investing in an external hard drive next year so we don't get caught in this again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Micah!

I'm so glad to meet you again...goodness, it's been since FC since I've seen you last! I look forward to reading about your news (and you have kids--Wow!). Please let me know when you will be in FL-I'd love to see you guys!
Angela (Miller) Reed

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was a big disappointment 44-17. My first colts game and I got booed at. I still love them and know that they are better then that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Micah!
I saw your post on Kimberly's blog where you said you were Hannah's sister. I was friends with Hannah at FC and I think you and I met once when you were visiting Kleinwood CoC. Maybe you were on a chorus trip? You have beautiful daughters! Does Hannah have a blog? I'm on pleonast as Aggiemeg. Come by sometime!
Megan (Ray) Jones

bchumbley said...

Did you ever get the message I left the other night? Call me when you get the chance!


Emily said...

Sounds like all kinds of fun, sweetness & crazines at your house these days! We are very excited about the adoption process. It will be a domestic adoption of a newborn. Still working on some paperwork/profile business, but all is going well. After the holidays, we should be able to finish up some things & hopefully get a call from a birthmother! Now we are just trying to prepare ourselves by reading & praying & asking advice from those who have had this experience. God is SO good to us! Hello to your hubbie please. The girls are beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

Me not thinkum yur magic spell workum.