Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I thought she would never get here...

PawPaw called and said we must post some close ups. Olivia is almost 3 days old now and she is doing great! Kathryn thinks she is the best thing in the world. I'm pretty sure she thinks she is her baby doll... until she starts moving :). She wants to hug and kiss on her all the time. She's pretty good to leave me alone while I'm feeding her, but if Olivia is crying or making any noise at all, she has to see what's going on. She looks a lot like Kathryn did, but a lot different too. She is changing so much every day!

Big yawn!

Kathryn stands here and looks in at "O" most of the day :)

Dad with his "littlest" baby girl


Anonymous said...

Yall are truly blessed. I am so happy for you guys. We were talking about "O" on the way home tonight. The wife said Brad did a good job remembering the stats of "O". sg

Andrew & Alaina said...

Congrats you guys! What a cutie! Love the name...if we have a girl we might steal it. :) Blessings to all 4 of you!

Creth said...

yea! babies!

(did you know that Henry's older sister's name is Olivia?)


mattmanua said...

Wow. Congratulations!
I have to know though, are you going to start a seperate blog for Olivia, rename this blog, or name something else after your baby so she won't develop low self-esteem?

Anonymous said...


rs said...

May I suggest KativiasKorner??

ash said...

WHOA. dudette..when did you load all these picturessss..

shes so adorable..and is so darkk..! :]

cat looks like she loves her little sister..they are so cute..
i cant wait to get pictures of them..seriosly. they're adaorable..

imissyou..seriously..i need a micah talkkk lol :]


bchumbley said...

I have a blog on blogger now. I don't know it's called Maddie Momments. There are several pics of Maddie on there. My brain is about to explode cuz I have a billion things I want to talk to you about. We are thinking of possibly moving to TN after Steven is done with Dental school. Wouldn't that be great? He only has 3 years and 7 months to go!!! Did you know Maddie's middle name is Kate? I love that name! I need to get going, so email me your phone info to There's just too much to say! I love you Micah!