Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Long overdue post

Ashley spent the weekend with us last weekend while her parents were out of town. Kathryn fell in love with her... blanket? thingy? She wanted to wear it around her neck all weekend! She also learned to say "Ash" :o).
Not sure why, but she LOVES to get in the refrigerator. Every time I open the door, she runs over so she can see in. Lately she's learned that she can take a step up and reach more things. Of course that's such a help to Mom :).
Kate reading her story book while Mom fixes dinner. (No, my floor is not really clean enough for this)

Helping Dad open his birthday presents!

With Aunt Rosie and Cousin Claire

I had let her outside to play while I finished up the dishes. Obviously I was not watching closely enough (mainly because I didn't know she knew how to do this!), but peeked out to check on her and she had climbed into the pool with all of her clothes on.

What a handful! She is growing up so quickly! She can say pretty much any one syllable word, and she repeats whatever we say. Her favorite things to do are go "out"side, and "up"stairs. It's still hard to believe my baby is going to be a "big" sister soon! Time really does fly!


Jen said...

Love the pictures. Kathryn is SO adorable I could just eat her up. Oh I wish I lived close to see her (well and you guys of course!) more often!

How are you feeling?

Guess what? I was in Indy over the weekend. Yep! Last minute trip but it was great to be home for a bit.

MOM said...

It's about those feet. That's scrapebook material.

love, MOM

andrea said...

oh, you are getting so close!! i'm thinking about you! do you have a name picked out yet??

Adam said...

Those girls are awfully cute! cousin Kathryn too !! J/K, we always love spending time with you guys. Thanks for sharing your playstation games tonight, I know it was just heart breaking for Brad and Kate to hang out over here... and I'm sure we didn't get so involved in Madden that we let Kate slide off the couch... no, never. P.S. - I went to get some tea and she climbed in our refrigerator too, what are you teaching this girl??

SMQ said...

Kathryn is so adorable! I love the refrigerator pics! I finally got your Christmas card today! Love the pic of Kathryn. I'll be praying for you guys and a safe delivery. Can't wait to see pics and find out her name! :) Miss you!

Rosie said...

Well, of course that goes without saying...

ash said...

thereess my babbyy :)..and my blankey! :) lol


Jodi Wineinger said...

I love that picture of Kathryn in the pool! Looks like she has quite the personality! I love going home too. I've made it a point to visit home every few months since I had Audrey. It's important to us to have her know all of her grandparents. She learned to say grandma while we were there which thrilled my mom!!! Hope you're feeling well in these last few weeks.