Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The 5:15pm ritual...

"Mom! I think Dad's home! I hear someone coming in the front door! I'll go and see!!!"


ash said...

lol..yay..and i get to see her tonight :)

see you in a little bit..
and be prepared..ill be very hot and very sweaty ;0)

love you!

kerri said...

aha that is so cute.
i can't wait till ya'lls meeting is here!! :)


Anonymous said...

What's she in lock-up for? You run a tough camp, eh? sg

Jen said...

She looks like a dog. Wait...I mean she doesn't "look" like a dog, but in a "dog position" when you see dogs with their little faces and noses sticking out under a fence. You know what I mean.... :) And I bet her Daddy just loves that.