Sunday, November 06, 2005

Every Sunday is a new adventure...

Our morning went something like this:

on our way to church...
MICAH: "Kathryn, you have got to eat more than that! You'll be starving again in an hour!"
BRAD: "You are feeding her too often. That is why she's so fat! You can't feed her again until 12:30!!!"
MICAH: "Are you going to take care of her when she's screaming because she's tired AND hungry?"
BRAD: "Sure!"
KATHRYN: "goo, goo, ooh"

during Bible class...
KATHRYN: (whining)
BRAD: "You had better take her out. She's getting too loud"
(The rest of the Bible class I stand in the back bouncing.)

during worship...
BRAD: "Here, I'll take her"
(Brad proceeds downstairs to try to get her to sleep. Screaming is heard in the background. Five minutes later, he walks back up the stairs with Kathyrn, awake.)
BRAD: (to Kathryn) "Do you want to go see Mommy?"
MICAH: "You're doing a fine job!"
(Continual crying is faintly heard from downstairs until five minutes before the worship service dismisses. Come to find out, she has finally gone to sleep. We wake her up to go home.)
PEOPLE AT CHURCH: "How's Miss Kathryn today?"
KATHRYN: (Huge grin)


Kevin & Amy said...

Micah - So great to hear from you (via our blog). I'm glad you commented so we can link to your blog and get updates on your little family. Kathryn is adorable. It's fun to see pics of her two. Hopefully Kathryn and Meredith can meet eachother soon!


Jen said...

That was a funny story! I love all the pictures!

Kerri said...

soo.. i saw you commenting on other site, and i just wanted to stop by and say hey!

by the way, i loved your post. made me laugh ;)


Anonymous said...

the blog is so cute micah!
i missed you guys on sunday too.. and yes, i'm back to school. monday was pretty awful but i'm feeling much better today :)
nice story.. sounds like quite an adventure
love you guys! and see you wednesday

rhianna said...

whoops.. i didnt mean to be anonymous.
that would be rhianna

Jason Mayes said...

That was a great story. Boy, I would pay to watch the Pettes family on TV.

Micah & Brad said...

hmmm... maybe we could arrange that. $$??? You name the price and I'll send you some home videos :o).

Anonymous said...

That child can do no wrong. She is absolutly sweet and adorable. Yall are doing a great job. I wish all new parents would be as diligent. Keep up the good work. sg

Micah & Brad said...

Ahhh! I spoke too soon!